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Technical data

Working width
up to 1,000 mm

Minimum glass size
36 x 10 mm

Glass thickness
0.1-12 mm

up to 5 m per minute

CLEANING MACHINES for small areas of glass

reliability down to the last detail

GTA has the right cleaning machine available for the perfect cleaning and drying of small areas of glass too: the horizontal cleaning machines of the KWM series have been specially developed for this. The machines excel due to their compact design and easy access to all parts. We can of course undertake special requirements for you too, based on your specifications. The frame and casing are made of stainless steel. The transportation shafts are covered with plastic tubing and are held in maintenance-free slide bearings. The drive works with a worm shaft on a maintenance-free toothed belt. The transportation speed can be conveniently adjusted continuously at any time. Three pairs of roller-brushes ensure thorough cleaning. All parts that come into contact with water consist of corrosion-resistant material. For the efficient drying of glass, we have developed a special high-pressure blower which works with extremely low noise thanks to casing on all sides. Downstream air knives guarantee a perfect finish.

Performance parameters of the cleaning machines for small areas of glass

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