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Technical data

Working width
1,000 to 3,300 mm

Glass thickness
2-25 mm

0-8 m per minute


success based on experience

A very good alternative to the Premium Line are the compact machines of our Standard Line. They are lower in price, at the same time ensuring the highest washing and drying quality.

The glass cleaning machines of the Standard Line have been designed to be space-saving and can be supplied at any time in the standard sizes.

High-quality components and non-corrosive materials guarantee a long operating life. Another plus point is the minimal maintenance requirement and this means high machine availability. Of course, the machines of the Standard Line also integrate perfectly into the production processes of the user. A good price, strong performance and extremely low input – these are advantages that will simply convince you!

The glass is washed extremely gently and is then dried free of stains using a soundproofed high-performance ventilator. The drive speed can be adjusted continuously at any time.

Performance parameters for the Standard Line

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